Classroom Newsletters

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 8:24 PM

Wondering what your child is studying this week? Can't find the weekly  classroom newsletter? Well, don't  fret! To view a digital copy of your  student's weekly newsletter (and other important 'stuff'), simply click on the teacher's link.  



Mrs. Katie's PreK


Ms. Copeland's Kindergarten


Ms. Gideon's Kindergarten


Ms. Bills' 1st grade               

Spelling/vocabulary skills

Phonics quiz


Ms. Orick's 1st grade


News and Notes

Phonics quiz


Ms. Jamie's 2nd grade


Ms. Goforth's 2nd grade



Green Team

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page 2



Yellow Team

3rd grade-Ms. Groot

4th grade-Ms. Mallicoat

5th grade-Ms. Jennifer