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FlyerTim McGraw on distracted driving

Watch the enlightening video by Tim McGraw regarding distracted driving.


Jill Beason Wins Leadership Award




Eight Components of Coordinated School health

Lots of kids want to know which foods to eat to be healthy or lose weight. Most kids don't need to be on diets, but here's something kids can do to eat healthier: Learn the difference between Go, Slow, and Whoa foods. -From Nemours Kid's Health
We at UCPS are very active in promoting better health for our students and faculty. We offer many programs to promote well being.

 Parents should have a look at Nemours Kid's Health for more information.

Reducing Screen Time!

The National Heart Blood and Lung Institute advocates less time in front of computer and television screens. Use the resources at the link above to get your children active and help fight obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle. Approved Snack List for Schools

Approved Snack List for Schools

Use the link above to find a list of snacks approved by the State of Tennessee for sale in K-8 schools.

















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