Maynardville Historical Youth Group (MHYG)
Starts 8/16/2021 Ends 8/16/2021
Location Union County Alternative
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Maynardville Historical Youth Group (MHYG)


          Maynardville Historical Youth Group or “MHYG” was officially started in May of 2002 as a community based program intended to provide students a positive leisure time activity. The slogan was “Where Scouting meets the Middle Ages” with a strong focus on life and cultures of the late medieval period (ca. 1400-1600).


            We have since shifted to become a community supported, school based club modeled on the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The SCA is a 501©3 Not-for-profit educational organization that employs a hands-on approach to historical research called experimental history. By making the clothes, cooking the food, and dancing to the songs of the Middle Ages, learning becomes more real – and we are often able to better understand the oldest of questions: “Why did they do that?”


            Here at the Union Academy, we work to teach each other a variety of skills, from calligraphy and illumination to sewing and embroidery among other items necessary to survive in the pre-1600 world. We are currently meeting every Tuesday from 4 to 6pm at the Union County Academy on school days. There is no membership fee, nor do we require a minimum level of participation – just show up and have fun learning.